Technology In Education-Links of the Moment

Written by Peter. Posted in Education, Whole Child Education

While earlier link curation posts have touched on the importance of technology in education for 21st century students, some professionals also believe that video is also important to help train new teachers.  The New York Times features four short videos of teachers sharing insight into the art and science of teaching. Over the summer, we shared links regarding Internet safety for our kids.  Unfortunately, we’re all too aware of cyber bullying.  This short post prescribes a remedy, viral kindness.  Well worth the read.  On another front, Facebook has introduced a Prevent Bulling page.  Read about it here. Speaking of the Internet, there’s a movement afoot to teach young people how to write computer code, develop applications and design web sites.  A volunteer outfit called Coder Dojo offers kids an opportunity to learn computer coding in a less structured setting than the classroom.  

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